Pacific Island Trade
316 East Cooper Lane
Colbert WA, 99005

Pacific Island Trade processed its first order on March 7th, of 2016. It has processed over 17 thousand orders for over 6 thousand customers ever since. It is truly amazing how much giving we witness each day. (Last updated 11/17/2020)

As Pacific Islanders, it is not uncommon that we continue to be part of our villages even from hundreds of miles away. We often wire money back home for various reasons. Sometimes, to help out in a funeral, a wedding, or a celebration of some sort. Other times, just simply trying to stay connected, and support the many who chose to stay back. Because we are Pacific Islanders, we are Family Strong!

Pacific Island Trade was created to help in this very same campaign. It present to us all, the opportunity to purchase those goods directly from well-established local vendors through its website. It is a tool created for the purpose of strengthening that strong bond amongst families. 

We hope to expand our service out to our neighboring islands of the Pacific. If anyone has a vendor who is willing to participate, please feel free to share.

Family Strong! Guarantees

- Our SSL Information Encryption Certificate Guarantees cutting edge security for any and all of your information stored here on our site!
- All listed prices of all our products are out the door prices. All local taxes and fees are already included!
- All orders will be ready for pickup within the hour for as long as our local vendors are open for business!